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As one of many charity activities, Dr.Samuto’s goals is to provide stable African nations, universities, and young African Technology enthusiasts a No cost Help on contemporary Database Management Solutions setup and Easy database management solutions, Security, and Business intelligence system management.

This is mostly accomplished through Seminars, Webinars, zoom sessions, and short days presentations and demos. Dr. Samuto will in most cases request accommodations and transportation for out of station engagements once he is settled in a specific accommodating Africa country of choice. All required materials will be provided by Doctor Samuto’s Organization and supporters.

Dr. Samuto is not interested in paid full-time jobs. His sole purpose with these charitable undertakings is his interest in working with and helping African organizations, students, universities, and individual technology enthusiasts through the presentations, Seminars, web conferences, short day demos, and web group sessions on areas of interest. Long term extensive travel to any other African country once settled in any African countries will require travel
and costs negotiated between the requestor and Dr.Samuto’s organization. All services performed in an African
country of residence not requiring travel and extended stay is free and at no cost.

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